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Pastor Matthew donates cloth, food, money and other items to some 1,500 widows in Ode-Omu, Osun State, Nigeria. The initiative began when Pastor Matthew was directed by God to donate cloth and other items to widows. He began giving to 300 widows, and each successive year, as the news of his charitable deeds spread, so did the numbers receiving the benefits increase. Latest figures in January 2019, shows over 20,000 widows being blessed by this initiative.

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Matthew Ashimolowo is the President and Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre, the largest church in Western Europe

Matthew A. Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo
God is in the process of restoring the years you’ve lost. Whatever God has in your destiny will come to pass. #BlessedHandsBlessedFields
Matthew A. Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo
The anointing that breaks every yoke will rest on you. God will strengthen you to do signs and wonders. You will carry out great exploits and incredible miracles. Join the #OpenEvening of #KCELaunch on 30th September 2021.
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Matthew A. Ashimolowo
The King's College of Excellence 2021
The Kings College of Excellence (KCE) has a vision to be a place where you are equipped to be a champion in a world of failure, the fearful and the challenge...
Matthew A. Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo
The moment you realise that your change depends on your actions, you must ignite the passion to pursue that change. #BlessedHandsBlessedFields