In 2006, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, began a programme which can only be described as a vibrant demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Matthew donates cloth, food, money and other items to some 1,500 widows in Ode-Omu, Osun State, Nigeria. The initiative began when Pastor Matthew was directed by God to donate cloth and other items to widows. He began giving to 300 widows, and each successive year, as the news of his charitable deeds spread, so did the numbers receiving the benefits increase. Latest figures in January 2014, shows over 3000 widows being blessed by this initiative.

The widows are mostly aged, but among them are a number of young women in their early twenties who lost their husbands in tragic circumstances. Several of the widows belong to the Muslim faith but this has not stopped KICC from reaching out to them. The governor of the state commended Pastor Matthew’s obedience to God’s call.