“…In 1974 Pastor Matthew went to Bible school determined to study hard and succeed in the destiny God had in store for him. After graduating from Bible school, he was assigned to the Foursquare Church in the busy suburbs of Shomolu in Lagos, which was pastored by Rev. Olu Osibanjo, who was later to become his Father in-Law.

He regularly ministered in the Scripture union (SU) in University campuses and was quite popular amongst the undergraduates. This was preparing him for the future work he would do with young people and singles in the body of Christ.

It was during this time he met and married his wife Yemisi Osibanjo…The years went by and he was pastoring a congregation of approximately 2000 in Foursquare Gospel Church when he decided to go to Canada to study but he was turned back at the point of entry. God had a plan for him to go the United Kingdom instead.

In 1984 Pastor and his family came over to England as part of the Foursquare denomination as a missionary, to establish a branch in London. He and his wife Yemisi, together with Esther Appleton (their first member of staff) began to seek the Lord in prayer for 18 months before taking the step of leaving the Foursquare denomination in 1992 to start KICC (Kingsway International Christian Centre) that year with approximately 300 adults and 100 children.

Today, Matthew Ashimolowo is the founder and C.E.O of about 10 profitable companies which include a global TV station (KICC TV). He is also the founder of Kingsway International Christian Centre, A Christian charity with a global footprint in 214 nations (via television) with a volunteer base of over 1000 staff. His weekly telecast WINNING WAYS is a source of inspiration and motivation to many…”



I was invited to KICC by a white lady in January 1995 but unfortunately she does not come to KICC anymore. After listening to the message by Pastor Matthew on that day I knew that was going to be my church. I was at that time, looking for a Church to attend. I was not growing as a Christian in my former church even though I had been a Christian for a long time. I then invited my wife the following week.
One thing I always did was to buy the message after each service and I would listen to it. I realised that there were somethings Pastor said that I did hear during the service. As result of that I saw growth in my Christian life. I grew tremendously in my Christian life during the first year of being in KICC.
Sam Appiah-Adu

Pastor Matthew you have been such a blessing to my life personally. It has been a real honour to have you as my spiritual father for the past 22 years. Something I do not take for granted. Under Pastor Matthew’s spiritual guidance I have been able to live a compromise-free life in the 21st century, something which may be seen as ”different” to people of the world, however as Pastor would say we have not been called to fit in, we are meant to stand out and be different.

There is never a Sunday that I go to church, that Pastor Matthew doesn’t speak a Word in Season for my life. The anointing on Pastor Matthew’s life is so strong, and just to be able to connect with that is a blessing for me. I don’t doubt the fact that millions across the world have been blessed by the ministry of Pastor Matthew over the years, but for me personally it is Pastor Matthew’s warmth, light jokes during services, and non-judgemental character that have enabled me to feel comfortable in this ministry

Zoe Odeyemi
I was invited to KICC by some 20 years ago, never knowing where this new journey was going to lead me to. But glory to God during that first Sunday morning in 1994 listening to Pastor Matthew I knew I wasn’t go anywhere else in the nearest future. During those years I have been honoured to have taught his then young sons in Children’s Church. Young sons who have now turned into men of valour. But even more honoured to listen to God’s word under the ministry of both Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi. I came to KICC a single eligible bachelor, not having a place of mine, not knowing what to do next. I had reached a crossword of my life not knowing where to turn. But thanks to God for sending his servant in the form of Pastor Matthew to speak hope and destiny into my life. I can only show my appreciation to Pastor Matthew and let him know for I have placed a demand on the anointing on his life for the past 20 years.
Bode Fayokun